D & D Consulting Srl is composed of a team of professionals and experts in every field related to the world of communication, marketing, art, sport, entertainment, economics and business, practicing a global consulting activity, general and specialistic, and offering functional services to suggest and provide complete and integrated solutions to physical or legal entities, and to public and private associations and institutions.

The Studio offers services of: communication, corporate strategy and personal strategic advisory, operational consultancy, multimedia advisory, management, project development, marketing, graphics, advertising, e-commerce, design, personal branding, personal image, website design, web graphic design, advertising, including social & digital media management.

The Studio also offers services of permanent training and updating, tutoring,

leadership skills, public speaking, smart management, translation and interpreting, expertise, evaluations, and assistance in the areas of: legal advice, tax, notary, patrimonial management, inheritance, patents, insurance and trade. 

The Studio offers advising also in the areas of: archiving, organization, qualification, research, development, corporate modernization and corporate digitalization through outsourcing of legal, notary, tax and insurance consultants, communication experts, business and marketing advisors, architects, art critics, historians, graphic designers, restorers, translators and interpreters.

The Studio guarantees its clients - foundations, museums, cultural institutions, banks, companies and private collectors, artists and gallery owners - a highly specialized service of consulting and evaluation of the artistic heritage as well as the design and realization of corporate museums, also creating cultural events according to the current trends.

The Studio provides consultancy on contracts in the area of works of art, donations, planning of the generational transfer of works of art, management of investment in works of art, management and digital inventory of art collections already in existence; conferral of works of art to Foundations, Asset Funds and Companies.

The Studio issues certificates of authenticity of the Futurist Artist Mino Delle Site, providing also technical data sheets of the aforementioned Works of Art and carries out philological historical research also on other artists.